Marketing for the reluctant

Marketing for the Reluctant


Why most marketing initiatives fizzles out, or don’t deliver

  1. Poorly planned
  2. Overly ambitious
  3. Not followed through
  4. It’s not based on accurate information
  5. It’s actually a sales pitch, pretending to be a marketing plan

Marketing is NOT something you do just when business is poor. It has to become part of every
workday. In fact, it should be receiving priority.

Marketing generates income. Everything else is cost

How is this manual going to help you
It shows you how to quickly draw the road-map uniquely suited to YOUR business
It shows you how to USE this road-map to business success
It works. All successful businesses are using these techniques.
It’s very practical. Written by busy business people for busy business people.
It’s short and sweet. (We don’t get paid by the page, but by results)

Don’t Try to Go It Alone

Unfortunately, many business owners try to carry the whole load, not realizing there are valuable
support organizations on call. Look for these in the Yellow Pages, or Google “Small Business
Development” for your area. Visit your local Chamber of Commerce. Join a suitable business
association. Remember – the man who keeps his nose to the grindstone ends up without a nose.
Lastly, use specialists. Just find the right one. They’re worth their weight in gold.

How to find the right specialists

  • Be specific about what you need.
  • Tax advice? Accounting? Costing? Marketing?
  • Do you need an out-and-out specialist? Or someone who is multi-talented?
  • The best people, for your needs, are usually those with a wide enough field of experience, and also
    sufficient depth of knowledge in their particular field.
  • Look for people who have qualifications and experience. (in this case, you CAN buy wisdom)
  • Get them to sign a confidentiality agreement before they start work
  • If you commission work (research, business systems, applications, etc) make it clear this is “work
    for hire” and that you retain exclusive rights to the results. (If necessary, get your attorney to deal
    with this aspect.)
  • Be wary of know-it-alls
  • People with wide “general” experience may be interesting but seldom have the depth you need
  • Be wary of those who make unrealistic promises.
  • Nothing is instant except coffee. And then you still have to boil the water
  • Don’t expect a free lunch. You get what you pay for. You don’t work for free, do you?
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