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A full featured application for managing
customers, suppliers, inventory,
sales and quotations.
All fully integrated to General Ledger.
Options include Manufacturing, Job Costing, Hiring, Staff Access Control
and much more.
BMS - simple, intuitive, with many 1 click aids built in.
Includes all standard reports.
Suitable for small office networking, up to 5 Pcs

Download the PDF Install Guide (910kb)

Download Product Datasheet (68kb)


Business Management Suite 


BMS is a full-featured professional software package for small to mid-sized business.

Time is our most precious commodity.


BMS recognizes this.  It comes ready to work “straight out of the box”.

  • easy-to-understand, easy-to-use. 
  • based on decades of practical experience in management and business computing
  • uses standard business and accounting principles recognized around the world
  • designed and built by working people for working people
  • all standard reports ready for use
  • standard ledger accounts included - ready for use 
  • oriented toward marketing and business growth


BMS brings all your key business data together.


It lets you focus immediately on customer needs,

and the most cost-effective  ways of supplying goods and services.


  • BMS works in real-time
  • It does NOT require a permanent internet connection
  •  Your data is stored and processed on your PC / Network


Standard BMS comes with all the tools you need to manage:

  • Customers
  • Inventory
  • Suppliers
  • General Ledger
  • Employees

Easy upgrade path:

for advanced users, the following modules can be quickly activated:


  • Asset Control - Hiring, issuing, tracking
  • Manufacturing and Job Costing
  • Stores Management:  Tool and Equipment Issuing, Raw Materials control



Here are a few of the things BMS can do for you:

  • maintain Customer records, balances, 24 month transaction history
  • make Invoices (including personalized Cash Sales)
  • control Inventory
  • process Purchases
  • maintain Supplier records, balances, 24 month transaction history
  • make and store Quotations
  • make quotes to Prospects
  • generate the information to quickly calculate your Profit
  • print or show on-screen Reports for all your transactions
  • plus.....much, much more!

BMS works in real-time

  • It does NOT require an Internet connection
  • Input is quick and easy with IntelliEdit technology (point-and-click)
  • Many tasks are automated to assist the user.
  • BMS is priced extremely competitively

Why BMS will work for YOU:

  • Study complicated manuals
  • Phone Help-Lines
  • Struggle on your own
  • Pay annual renewals


  • All modules use a consistent input, edit and update procedure
  • Simple to learn, easy to remember
  • Users quickly grasp even sophisticated features
  • BMS is maximized for fast access to data
  • Inexperienced users are protected against data loss
  • Many help features - popups, searchable manuals, printable PDFs
BMS uses Intelli-Input:
  • Point-and-click data input. (minimal typing required!)
  • Simplifies allocation of payments, settlements, interest etc
  • Automatically calculates Nett Payments, Settlement Discounts, VAT etc.
  • Also calculates Interest, VAT etc
  • Pension off your calculator! When processing expenses, simply input inclusive amounts, exclusive and VAT amounts are automatically calculated. 
  • Automatic calculation of unit costs, conversion of units of measure etc


  • Month-end: Automatic Backup, aging of accounts, consolidation etc.
  • Automatic internal checking and balance verification
  • Automatic daily backup.
  • Automatic warnings prevent user from making mistakes with dates, accounting periods, etc
Standard modules:


The following is a brief outline of features available:
Customer and Supplier
  • Create new customer accounts, capture opening balances, maintain and update details
  • Find by number or name, or browse all accounts
  • Set discounts or flag for special prices
  • Lock accounts (in case of slow payment, problems etc)
  • Process transactions to individual accounts (charges, payments, adjustments etc)
  • Process Bulk Transactions (e.g. update a number of accounts from your deposit book)
  • View Transactions for individual accounts (for current or entire accounting period)
  • View, Locate, Sort and Group transactions
  • Print Transaction Reports (more than a dozen ready to use standard reports included)
  • Print Statements, with age analysis and remittance advice
  • Identify your most profitable customers, slow-paying and inactive customers
  • View customer current activity, transaction history (many features)
  • View 12 month activity
  • Similar to Customers Module, and also includes:
  • General Ledger Account lookup
  • Point-and-Click allocation of payments
  • Automatic calculation of Settlement Discounts
  • Track cash purchase History (for entire accounting period)


  • Quick data capture of new items or Clone from an existing item
  • Discount feature combines with customer discount to enable multi-level discounting
  • View 12 month activity
  • View Sales, Purchases, adjustments, manufacturing usage etc. for any item
  • View and Locate Any Transaction
  • All standard transaction reports, price lists etc. included ready for use

Sales Module

  • Use a Quote to produce an invoice in less than a minute
  • Build new Invoices quickly and easily.
  • User can edit discount, selling price, etc.
  • Line items can be edited in place, changed or removed as required.
  • Provision for Delivery and Labour charges
  • Input item selection from lists, keyboard, or barcode scanner
  • Can upgrade to use serial number barcode tracking for each item
  • Service Invoicing
  • includes editable descriptions, 500 character memo (stored)

Cash Sales

  • all transaction are accumulated into one account for easy administration
  • allows fast capture of new Customer details, editing/updating of existing details.
  • Details can be saved for future use: marketing, mailing lists, sales follow-up etc
  • Discounts can be recorded for future use
  • Customer details are printed on Cash Sale invoice

General Ledger

  • A standard set of accounts is supplied ready for immediate use.
  • These can be modified to meet special requirements.
  • You can set budgets, and compare performance with the previous year.
  • Includes many reports providing information on how your business is performing,
  • monthly, quarterly and yearly.
  • Includes Financial Ratio Analysis
  • The BMS GL-Integrate System produces consolidated reports for manual posting
  • Automated posting of Creditors, Debtors and Inventory
Quotations and Orders
  • Similar features to Sales and Purchases
  • Quotes and Orders can be re-used. Obsolete records can be purged anytime.
  • A couple of clicks convert a quote/order to an Invoice (no input required!)


  • Sales prospects are created maintained in our Client Relationship System
  • Create and store prospect offers (quotations)
  • Print reports
  • Print envelopes and letters with personalized address details
  • Convert a prospect into a Customer account with a single click

Manufacturing (optional upgrade)

  • Estimating
  • Bills of Material
  • Production (creates and stores reserves, allows allocated production, etc.)
  • Job Costing
  • Job Invoicing
  • Designed for ease of use and flexibility to meet industry requirements.
  • Quick, easy production of estimates.
  • Uses “cost-per-minute” principle to calculate overheads and suggest Selling Prices
  • Build, edit and clone Bills of Material for items regularly produced
  • Bills can be used to reserve raw materials, schedule and produce finished goods.
  • Job Costing is used to cost and Invoice “one off” items
  • Numerous additional features to assist busy users.
  • All processes are integrated, and include screen reports, tracking, and necessary print
  • reports.


  • Customization Options

    • Invoice messages
    • Use of pre-printed stationery
    • Special Data fields
    • Special reports and features

    BMS was designed by business people for business people, based on over
    twenty years in business management, data processing, system design and
    training. It focuses on the key aspects of business, while avoiding the
    complexity associated with so many “Accounting Packages”.

    To see BMS in action, download a free 

    no obligation demo copy

    Includes: BMS Training - a free twelve module course

    • Start a new company from scratch.
    • Takes you step-by-step through setting up your first Suppliers, Customers, Inventory
    • items. .
    • Takes you through processing purchases, sales and expenses. 
    • You also see how to post opening balances to the General Ledger.
    • Each module shows how to update the General Ledger, and calculate Profit.
    • Each module builds on skills learnt previously
    • It explains what you are doing, and why it needs to be done.
    • Also covers business principles, and how to use BMS for a successful business
    • strategy.

    You can use this to train your own staff, improving productivity.
    Written in simple, easy to understand terms.
    Each module takes less than 20 minutes to work through.
    Even if you have NEVER done book-keeping or accounts before,
    you will soon have the skills needed.

    Program Updates
    Additionally, new features are added from time to time. These are available to all existing
    users as a free download from our website


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    Alternatively, contact us with your specific needs, and how we can tailor a custom solution for your business.

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