Our Company

Our Company

Has a fascination with data, and how it reflects, shapes and creates the real world.

  • We believe that Information opens opportunities,
    guides choices, illuminates dreams.
  • We also love working with people who want to find
    better ways of doing business.
  • Do you run your business with passion, drive, vision and
    commitment?  Then we share your ideals.

·         We also love working with people who want to find
better ways of doing business.

What we do


  • Liaise with clients, stacks of research, lots of thinking,
    some creative dreaming, modelling and testing.
  • Put it all together - the final result is software tools
    that work.
  • No gimmicks. No ‘eye-candy' features.
    We’re serious about what we do, and we love working
    for and with people who are equally serious about
    building their business.


What Solutions is your business looking for ....


Featured Products

Featured Clients
BMS - Business Management

A full featured application for managing customers, suppliers,
inventory,sales and quotations. More...

CRM - Customer Management.

The Art and Science of
Business Self-Discovery
Is based on a Simple but Powerful concept. More...

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If you are experiencing a problem with either our products or services, then feel free to contact our responsive support team

Office Hours : 8am to 4pm | Monday to Friday

Setup a Software Demo

Standard setup packages are available under downloads. These are fully functioning, so you can evaluate suitability for your purposes.

Alternatively, contact us with your specific needs, and how we can tailor a custom solution for your business.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide our customers with the software, tools and services best suited to their needs.

Our motto is: "Make it simple, and functional"